Biscuit Headers!

After a steady diet of faster pace sprints today, several swimmers headed to West Asheville for a calorie intake session:)  Recently, Fridays have been great for attendance, with 19 in the water for workout this morning! We’d love to have a few more of those capable bodies join us on Sunday, 7a-9a…See you then!

Biscuit Headers enjoying a post-workout breakfast...Jill, Nancy, Jeff O., and Faith

Biscuit Headers enjoying a post-workout breakfast…Jill, Nancy, Jeff O., and Faith

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Frank Kreigler and Jim Cottam swim 24 miles for Breast Cancer!

Congratulations to Frank and Jimbo for swimming the length of Lake Fontana (at least 24 miles) this past weekend, in about 12 hours! This was the 2.0 version of “That Dam Swim” raising money for the Hope Chest for Women. If you’d care to donate to this cause, click here!  Well done, gentlemen!

How do they do it? DPS, baby! Distance Per Stroke:)

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Sunday at BOTH Asheville School Pool (7a) and Biltmore Lake (9a)

Please note that we will begin swimming indoors on Sunday this weekend. For now, our time will be 7am-9am on Sundays. Always check calendar for accurate time:)

For the next 2 weeks, if you’d like to get some lake swimming in, consider heading to Biltmore Lake at 9am on Sunday, for about an hour. Enjoy!

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Steve Barden Pics & Results are UP!

Thank you, all, for coming out to our 10th annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet yesterday!

We had 63 swimmers entered, the most since years #1 and 2 !  Our afternoon Fun Swim at Biltmore Lake was enjoyed by a dozen folks in a spectacular setting with mountain views. Results are found HERE!

Photos by Ms. Nancy Casey! If you have photos you’d like to share, send them along and I’ll do my best to post them.

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Boys setting Buoys at Biltmore, Baby


Craik & Coach make adjustments to the FUN Swims. 200 meter, ~half mile and ~one mile approx! See you at Asheville School 8 AM warm-up, 9 AM meet start. BIltmore Lake FUN Swim 1 PM. Check in 1230.

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THIS Saturday! 10th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet~~Asheville Masters Swimming

Last Chance to Enter for THIS Saturday’s 10th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet!  Sept 12th, 2015

9am Sat pool swim meet at The Asheville School


1p Biltmore Lake open water fun stuff with BBQ to follow!


BBQ from Luella’s may be ordered online during entry process. If you do not order BBQ, simply bring your own meal! We have until about 3p at lake.


If you are unable to enter, please consider coming out anyway, to both venues, to lend a hand. This is our only fundraising type activity all year.

We’ll need timers, open water finish judges for fun swims, encouragers, T-shirt sellers, Beer relay pourers, SUP or kayakers at lake, a table, a microphone and speaker…


If you’d like to make a donation, please see any board member or me! (Jeff Owen, Jeff Weller, Renee McNerhany, Jim Green, Craik Davis)


Asheville Masters Swimming | Masters swimming in the Mountains of Asheville, NC.

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Asheville School Pool

Please use visiting locker rooms at Asheville School until further notice, Students are living in gym until dorm construction ends and they need access to main locker rooms. Thanks!

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