Happy Hour, Wicked Weed, this Thursday!

Please join us Thur, July 31 anytime after 5pm for Happy Hour(s) @ Wicked Weed, next to the Orange Peel downtown.

Nancy / Emmet may likely arrive way earlier, to reserve space and sample, to see if it’s safe to drink there…Thanks Nancy!

Won’t you please consider coming out and celebrating the end of the day, month, various anniversaries and milestones? Social budget buys first round for everyone registered with AMS/USMS before 6pm!

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Farewell to Claire Maust on Wed @ practice and breakfast

Please join us in the pool on Wed, 545am, for Claire’s final am coaching gig, then, immediately following (if you are not pressed with worky-type stuff), breakfast at City Bakery, 88 Charlotte St., 828.254.4289

Why is this Claire’s (now McDaniel) final coaching session? Well, Johnny, like every newlywed couple, Claire & Thomas McDaniel are moving to storybook~land Switzerland (!) to study banking laws and political neutrality in action! Or, market fancy bikes @ BMC while learning nutrition standards in German, Italian and French. Or, just hostel around under the guise of new job…


Claire, we thank you for the enthusiasm and knowledge you  brought to each coaching session, and for your sunny outlook with all the swimmers! All the best in Europe, and hang in there with the steady stream of visitors in the coming years:)


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Open Water Workout in 50 meter pool!

Since mid-June, each Tuesday, we do a combo workout at the City of Asheville’s RecPark Pool on Gashes Creek Road! Six of the eight lanes are used as open water buoy practice, the other two we use intermittently throughout! We’ve been averaging about a dozen swimmers, and we can handle more!

This is part of the group from this morning’s swim…:) 072214.AMSpartialGroup

Lou Hipps’ favorite…pull buoy and paddles:)…


Our visitors from Georgia (Pedro), California (Carol) and Virginia (Jack).  Did they have fun or did we push too hard?…


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Cory D races 70.3 in Wisconsin!

Congratulations to our own Cory Donohue, who traveled back to his home state of Wisonsin this past weekend, and placed 12th in his age-group, 79th overall, in the Racine Half-Ironman! His total time was 4:37:44 (splits of 33:31, 2:18:51, 1:40:58). Cory said it was “…a tough race, (I) struggled with residual training fatigue starting at mile 36 of the bike and throughout the run. Goal was 4hrs 10 mins. Good wake up call for Ironman World Championship (coming up) in September.” 

Pre-Race Zen, baby!Cory.preSwim.2014.RAcine

Here we go…Cory.SwimStart.2014.Racine

Great job, Cory, you stud!  

Hey, I know a way we can chop off a bit more on that swim time, man:)

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Jen Baker swims COLD Peaks to Portland race!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jen Baker, who swam the frigid waters of Casco Bay Saturday, July 12th, in the 34th YMCA Peaks (Island) to Portland race in Maine!  This 2.4 mile swim requires a kayaker,  usually fills up in about a day, and this year’s water temp?…58F !!


Jen swam alongside her college roommate, Julie Ferland and placed 12th in age group and 118th, overall, out of 400+ entries, coming in at 58 minutes! Way to go, Chicas!

Complete results here.

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Circle swimming is fun!

Last Friday’s morning swim was AWESOME, with 20 studly folks cranking it out, and that brings to mind the awesomeness of circle swimming and the etiquette that is a rhythm all its own! Firstly, Be nice and Be spatially aware :)Image

Traditionally, it’s swum counter clock-wise…Always give the person in front of you at least a :05 sec, preferably :10 sec. gap before you push off behind them. Always finish at wall with touch, then move over to left, allowing space to your right for next finisher… ImageIf you are catching up to, and riding the toes of the swimmer in front of you, & if it’s longer than a 100 yards, it’s time to move around.  Just like passing in a car on a 2-lane road with dotted yellow line, swim slightly towards middle of lane, very close to person’s left side, & keep moving:) You will often approach wall at same time…simply flip together, and now, Ta-~Da, you are on the correct, “right” side of lane and leading. Swimmer just passed leaves wall (without stopping!) and moves behind faster swimmer. It’s a very cooperative motion!ImageAnother positive in circle swimming is, during repeats of more than 100~yards, you will likely benefit from the draft created, and the shared and/or lightened workload when swimming WITHIN 3 yards of a swimmer in front of you. Enjoy!~~~




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Tuesday at RecPark 50meter pool!

Tomorrow, we begin our Tuesday open water workouts at the City of Asheville’s RecPark pool! Please check calendar and facilities llink if you’ve not yet been to this 50meter pool. It’ll be a combo open water (yes, around bouys) and, if a couple lanes are in, traditional long course swimming. It’s awesome! Come join us😂

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