Open Air!

Finally the roof was opened at the beginning of a swim on a Sunday morning, what a beautiful venue the JCC is…



We had 10 summers out at Biltmore Lake on Saturday for a spectacular morning  We’ve also been fortunate to have many swimmers in the pool, recently we had as many as 24 on FridayC8A84A16-CF94-4582-9E20-70FD61A3224F7D1DC0C4-AA46-4FDE-9346-EB27C8E35C7FAD4FE25F-0C22-46C5-925B-BF1BE21FDFD2.Here’s a preview shot from Lake Joccassee from this morning… If you haven’t signed up for the September 15 open water event, this is a fantastically beautiful lake: 4E3DE87B-0097-415F-A6FC-F4256DA5E0A7.jpeg

And although I failed to take a picture of Sunday’s work out this am, here are Wednesday and Friday’s swims from this past week, and word was Marty’s Wednesday workout kicked some peoples butts! That’s what we like to hear. CA698286-8279-4C8F-B725-9A24B11B0B35813A5BB7-7769-412A-95C3-23E7EECFF914

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Service Entrance Only at Asheville School!


Front gate at the Asheville School will not be available this week. Please use the service gate entrance off of smoky park highway between the signal at Lowe’s and the regular entrance!

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Tonight Social!

Social ! Today-Saturday!

Come Be Social with is🐬!

Please join us today, June 9th from 5-8pm on the shared patio at Haywood Commonsand The Whale on Haywood Road just a half block west of I-26.

You may order from either establishment and we can enjoy the patio together. See you then!

Here are the coached sessions with Marty & Andrew this week, amd what a beautiful morning at Biltmore Lake today!


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Social! This Saturday!

Come Be Social! Please join us this Saturday, June 9th from 5-8pm on the shared patio at Haywood Commons and The Whale on Haywood Road just a half block west of I-26.

You may order from either establishment and we can enjoy the patio together. See you then!

Here are the workouts from the last four coached or written sessions:





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Guest Coach on Wednesdays and Open Water Stuff…

Here are a couple written workouts of late, an historic photo capture of Lucy at Biltmore Lake preparing for her first ever open water training session!, and, Lisa and Adrienne getting ready to rock the Low Country Splash in Charleston last Saturday!  Adrienne was fourth in her age-group swimming butterfly for 2.5 miles, and Lisa said she felt the best ever in an open water event! Great job!!

We look forward to Marty coaching our Wednesday mornings for the next five weeks as Daniel is away.41715885-6E70-4A4F-95EF-ECB48F86C2C832939094-080B-453B-A4E0-363B9D6C4C57




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Lake Swims Begin!

Hello Memorial Day weekend and hello Enka/Biltmore Lake once again! We begin our Saturday morning open water deliciousness tomorrow, 7am to 8:30am.

Sunday at JCC, like normal:)

Our calendar link and our facilities link has times and maps/directions. Did you know there’s a + symbol at bottom of our calendar page allowing you to link our calendar with yours?

Biltmore Lake is a Home Owners Association community, and we are guests there. A few things to keep in mind when at the Enka/Biltmore Lake…

Always park on the main street, never in the tennis court parking lot or you may very well be towed.

Always sign in and out with a time stamp for both, and provide an emergency contact phone number every time you swim. The first time you swim this summer you will also sign the Biltmore Lake HOA waiver.

Always look out for each other, be aware of the direction we’re swimming and be aware of your environment at all times. Meaning, don’t hit your head on the dock or let someone else struggle…


If you’re bringing a friend to try out open water, please encourage them talk with me before getting in the lake, and thanks for telling them about the $10 drop in fee.

If you’d like a tip or two about breathing, sighting, or calming yourself in the unknown waters please talk with me (or other experienced OW racers) and I’ll be glad to show you some tips that have worked well for over three decades!

We wish Daniel D. well as he coaches at a few college swim camps for the next five weeks, we wish Lisa K. & Adrienne K.  a great LowCountry Splash tomorrow in Charleston.

Here are this past week’s coached workouts:A5DE510F-117C-4457-B237-5A6A062CB446A3E250A4-CC68-458F-B852-412C4F081543A65DE163-FF5D-4154-A9E8-B3691B1307AA


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NO Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet This Fall…

2018 UPDATE:

Asheville Masters will NOT be hosting our annual Steve Barden swimming meet this fall.

As host for 12 years running, the board voted to put it aside for a year and see if anyone had other ideas for reformatting this meet, developing a different version altogether, or what…?

If you have ideas, please consider taking this on to come up with something new and exciting that could be rolled out in 2019!

However, we WILL be supporting our South Carolina swimming friends and their efforts at providing swimming lessons for all youth by participating at their

4th Annual Upstate Splash Charity Open Water Swim on

Saturday, September 15, 2018,


Devils Fork State Park, Lake Jocassee, SC


**For those of you who’d like a look at the 2nd annual event that some of us participated in click here!, we had a wonderful day at this spectacularly beautiful lake! Come join us for the EVENT, not a race:)


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