Asheville School 76F today!

This is much improved from Friday, and doable by all! See you tomorrow.

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Heater Heating

As of 5 PM, heater is repaired at the Asheville School pool, and is doing the ONE job it has. Should be mid 70s tomorrow. I predict 76F.

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Water temperature update at Asheville School

72°F and holding today. Monday you swam at 73°F. The part needed for repair on water heater arrives Thursday. If you want to bring your wetsuit, or neoprene top, do it.

We’ll have a steady moving practice with very little resting on Wednesday with at least 40 x 25s from a dive walk around. Fast short swim day mixed with mid-distance recovery.

Thanks to Marty M. for writing workouts last Wednesday and Friday, here are the last four:

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Turkey Week 2018

Yo! Both Wednesday and Friday at Asheville School will have leisurely start times: 6-7:30am, Marty M. writes both workouts~Thanks!

Bonus swim on Thanksgiving at Asheville School, 7-8am with Sarah B.! Come earn your eats that day.

Sunday regular time at JCC, 7:15am-ish to 8:45am

Here’s what the group has been up to, workout wise the past 3 weeks…

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Hardy Boys

Lake is 58° today, and these three guys did multiple loops. I, on the other hand fully immersed, swam half way to first buoy-turned around and got out. With no sun on my body 58°was too cold to me today. These guys are studs! All three did wear wetsuits and a neoprene cap seemed to make a big difference.

Jimbo C., Marty M. and Chris L.

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October Swims

We Continue On! 8am tomorrow, Saturday, October 27th at Biltmore Lake!

Expect water temps in mid to low 60s. Bring your wetsuit, warm clothing to get into and also a warm beverage of your choice. Bring a hat. Fleece is great!

Looking for a volunteer to write and post a work out for Sunday morning at JCC 7:15am-ish, let me know🐬👏

Here are workouts from the last three weeks:

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Lake swim on!

Bring your wetsuits!

It’s beautiful out here and we should not miss Saturday morning, 7:30 AM. Bring your thermos with hot coffee or tea, bring your favorite breakfast item and enjoy a mid October swim in Biltmore Lake, what could be finer on Saturday morning.?

Water looks very clear, smells clean, water has dropped about 6 to 8° since last week. This digital thermometer measures the top 1 inch. I believe it’s about 1 to 2° warmer than this shows, but regardless, wetsuit worthy.

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