5 Recent Swims of Record!

Starting with last Wednesday’s Valentine’s Day Special, here is the VD workout that was very catching (!) Written by Jeff W. and Adrienne: 3F93E23C-EA16-4DD1-B313-742B50A15CB3.jpeg

The next three are from me:A0F2C911-D0CA-4013-911A-70F3E0678B551355FA6F-DD72-4647-A55D-72A9A4B989ABAF1C4DF6-A91B-47D9-99A4-8F4B4B1A17B3

And today’s IM doozy from young Daniel:F4FA88C0-9B3C-40F9-9E06-30DDACC76BAC.jpeg

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Workouts and Social Ideas

We are looking for ideas for the next social for our Masters group! Do you have a favorite place in Asheville we’ve not explored? Let’s get one planned before end of month arrives! Email me and I’ll pass all ideas along!

If you’ve not yet registered with USMS.org for 2018 under NC Masters- then, our workout group called Asheville Masters, please do so today! Also, dues are appreciated whether you pay the $10 drop in, $60 monthly or $300 for six months we count on it to pay pool rental and coaches. Thanks!

Here are the most recent written workouts for your reviewing pleasure!


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New Gate Code at AS

Asheville School has a new gate code for us to use. Please text me with your name and I will give you that code. I’m not allowed to post it on our website.  8-two-8.7-six-8.two-41-seven


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Marty Writes It

On Wednesday morning, Daniel will be getting the UNCA college team tapered and ready for their conference meet.  Our buddy Marty, who also volunteers at UNCA for fun, will write our work out then likely get in and kick our butts while doing it with us!

We appreciate when folks step in and write workouts here and there when the need arises. Marty did it a recent Sunday, and Jakub – our new-to-us dolphin man, wrote it last Sunday. Thanks.

Here’s that workout from Jakub below and mine from Monday:28D69F75-604E-46F0-8F76-00B19810EAB0EDFAEF35-5D4A-4117-A428-F5F71F5CECD5

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JCC Sunday…Caution!

Swimming is at JCC this morning. Please use your own judgement and extreme caution as FREEZING RAIN is falling and roads in West Asheville are now SKATE-ABLE!

Here are some written workouts of late…


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Swim Fast in Charlotte!, Our Sunday at JCC, Weekdays at AS

Good luck and swim well to Marty M. and Steve B.  in Charlotte at the 44th annual SunBelt Classic!

All scheduled swims for our Asheville Masters group appear here 99.9% accurate.

Sunday swim at the Jewish Community Center, door code and song remain the same. Please sign in each Sunday with an emergency phone contact.

Weekdays will remain at Asheville School pool on MWF.

Last week’s recorded swims…155D3DD1-42A5-4002-B482-292B960574F8B1310CCE-5C8D-4BB0-A4F9-4886E2B858F4066FBAEE-30EB-4F8E-9B28-EAF41E73A8BF

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No Weekend Swim! Monday at Asheville School

We will have no weekend swim due to pool maintenance at JCC.

Asheville school pool will be ready for us on Monday morning, hopefully it will be well heated… Ha ha.

So, beginning Monday, we will resume our MWF at our scheduled time of 6 to 7 AM, I will be there a little early to get going as usual. Next weekend (Jan 21) we will resume our Sundays at the JCC.

Here are the last two coached workouts, written:


Daniel’s, actually Wednesday, Jan 10th:


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