No Monday Swim

The Asheville School has very little power on campus. The gym and pool have none. No swim Monday, December 10th.

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No Swimming Sunday

JCC is closed for storm therefore no Sunday swim tomorrow. We’ll let you know about Monday later🐬🗿🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️🌎

Here are recent swims that you may recall. With all these workouts to reference you’ll never want for a work out to use or deviate from, whenever you travel or swim elsewhere! Please share freely and credit Asheville Masters!

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Asheville School 76F today!

This is much improved from Friday, and doable by all! See you tomorrow.

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Heater Heating

As of 5 PM, heater is repaired at the Asheville School pool, and is doing the ONE job it has. Should be mid 70s tomorrow. I predict 76F.

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Water temperature update at Asheville School

72°F and holding today. Monday you swam at 73°F. The part needed for repair on water heater arrives Thursday. If you want to bring your wetsuit, or neoprene top, do it.

We’ll have a steady moving practice with very little resting on Wednesday with at least 40 x 25s from a dive walk around. Fast short swim day mixed with mid-distance recovery.

Thanks to Marty M. for writing workouts last Wednesday and Friday, here are the last four:

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Turkey Week 2018

Yo! Both Wednesday and Friday at Asheville School will have leisurely start times: 6-7:30am, Marty M. writes both workouts~Thanks!

Bonus swim on Thanksgiving at Asheville School, 7-8am with Sarah B.! Come earn your eats that day.

Sunday regular time at JCC, 7:15am-ish to 8:45am

Here’s what the group has been up to, workout wise the past 3 weeks…

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Hardy Boys

Lake is 58° today, and these three guys did multiple loops. I, on the other hand fully immersed, swam half way to first buoy-turned around and got out. With no sun on my body 58°was too cold to me today. These guys are studs! All three did wear wetsuits and a neoprene cap seemed to make a big difference.

Jimbo C., Marty M. and Chris L.

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