Sunday & Monday Workouts

Sunday’s collectively written group swim:img_3306Monday’s longer effort:img_3309


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Workouts for Wednesday & Friday!

Here’s Double D’s joyful presentation of awesomeness from Wednesday: img_3304

And, this morning’s penance offering from Andrew…I might add that I saw Steve B. (age, OLD) kick two 100’s today, going a 1:09 for both. THAT is impressive, people!


See y’all on Sunday, 7a-9a !

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Please NOTE!! NO Tuesday & Thursday Swims…

Like last year during local high school swimming season, we  need to give up our Tuesday and Thursday morning space until the end of February,  except for a brief period around the holiday season when school is not in session.  This is because Asheville School has a huge team and they need the space on Tuesday / Thursday mornings to accommodate their large numbers.  This is effective immediately.

If you’re looking for a day to add into your routine, Sundays are usually a great day to get in a little more yardage (or not), and at a later hour😀

With M/W/F and Sun still available, there’s still ample pool time for us.  As a reminder, let’s be very aware of our lanes and try to find a great fit for yourself  with similar speeds from the time you dive in for warm-up.

Here are our workouts from Sunday and Monday just passed. See you tomorrow with Coach Daniel! imageimage

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Efforts Noted from last Wednesday and Friday

Here’s a couple workouts from this past week, Coach Daniel’s from Wed…image.jpeg

And Andrew’s Friday gig…image.jpeg

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Last week Asheville Masters got a double dose of Daniel D., with this workout from Friday, 10.7.16 image

Sunday’s workout ended 3/4 through when a swim meet broke out and many small, agile and fit youth reminded us that we’re just older versions of that! Written by Coach Andrewimage

Today’s aquafest included the following,written by Coach Andrew: image

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Pottery and Coaching op

If you’d like to see many master potter’s wares this weekend,  check out Spruce Pine Potter’s Market  October 8-9th! This is a fun & fine show! Free admissions!

If you’d like to help with the Erwin High School swimming team and Nicole Wells this season, it all begins November 1st. If you are interested coaching please e-mail

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Wonderful Wednesday!

Daniel Dozier’s version of Wednesday ‘sleep in’..


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