Wed/Fri workouts and final open water at Biltmore Lake on Sun 7:30am

Tomorrow, please join us at Biltmore Lake for this season’s final open water swim. Water temperature will be perfect, bring your coffee and a snack. 7:30 AM.

Here are last Wednesday (DD’s)  and Friday’s (ABP’s) workout record…


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That DAM Swim updated & LINKED:)

Larry Hartley swims 11.5 miles for The Hope Chest! The Lake Fontana swim started at 6:21 a.m. on Saturday morning.  There was a full moon peering through the morning mist or fog.  Seven swimmers set out led by a couple kayakers with lights. that-dam-swim-2016-2that-dam-swim-2016-1

The water was dead calm, and warm, maybe 82 degrees.  We set off swimming at a little over 2 miles per hour clip, Jimbo Cottam and Chris Lechner leading the way.   We swam steady, but paused for drinks and/or food about once an hour.  Seven of us kept it up for the first 6.4 miles, which we covered in about 3 hours. that-dam-swim-2016-4that-dam-swim-2016-5

Three swimmers stopped after that and four continued.  At the 6 hour and 5 minute mark, at about 11.5 miles Larry headed to the pontoon boat.  About 15 minutes later Chris’ son, Luke joined Larry and others on the pontoon boat. By the afternoon a gentle but steady wind had picked up.  Fortunately the wind was at our back. that-dam-swim-2016-6

Jimbo and Chris were then joined by another swimmer who stayed with them into the afternoon.  She took a short break and then rejoined them for the end of the swim.  It was a gorgeous sunny day in the 80s. The support staff of kayakers and pontoon boats did a great job keeping the swimmers on course, and hydrated and fed. that-dam-swim-2016-8that-dam-swim-2016-7

Jimbo and Chris completed the approximately 21.5 mile swim right at about 10.5 hours.  All and all a really nice event, and we also raised a little money for Hope Chest For Women.  If anybody would like to add to the charity here is a link.:  

GREAT JOB, Larry et al!that-dam-swim-2016-9

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Last Friday and this morning’s workout record:



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Lake Joccassee hosts the Upstate Splash 1.2 & 2.4 milers

A fabulous morning in South Carolina at spectacular Lake Joccassee! Thanks to Lisa K. and Adrienne K. for steering us thataway! Info on the Upstate Splash race promoting all children learning to swim and to prevent drownings, as well as results seen here!

Here’s the initial view at 7:45am yesterday: img_3098img_3100

Here are AVL local legends prepping for immersion…


Greg P., Lisa K. and John P.


Lisa K., Adrienne K. and Geoff R.


Kathy R. and Garnett R.

Post swim joy for Adrienne, swimming 1.2 miles of BUTTERFLY, and the 2.4 miles expertly paced by Jimmy Mac, returned from island exile…Nice job, folks!


Jimmy M. and Adrienne K.

No training seemed to work just fine for this Dude!…


Kathy R. and Garnett R.

Some of us after our awesome experience:


Lisa, Adrienne, Andrew, Kathy and Garnett


The BUOY setters/taker-inners


Almost Caribbean!


water temp 81F and crystal clear


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That DAM Swim!

Larry Hartley…

GE DIGITAL CAMERA joins local swimming folks this Saturday to swim 10K in Lake Fontana for The Hope Chest, a local charity supporting people and families affected by breast & gynecological cancers.

To fund Larry, please click HERE!

That DAM Swim was started several years ago by Chris Lechner and Jim Cottam, and has grown to include other local open water swimmers Frank Kriegler, Dave Easterling, Todd Newnam.


Frank, Chris and Jim swam over 24 miles last year in a single effort! This year, some will swim the length of Fontana, others will swim 10K, but all strive to raise funds for these worthy efforts!

To fund Larry, please click HERE! It’s this Saturday!!!

To see other videos on facebook, click here!




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Dozier’s Plow

Wednesday morning had 17 victims of Daniel Dozier’s madness. Difficult but necessary, I’d say.  Well played.image

Random picture of peaceful and regal doggie


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RESULTS~11th annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet

Results are official! Thanks again for coming to Asheville for this 11th annual event!

By age group: 2016-stevebardenmemorial11thannual-results-agegrouporder

Or, by event order2016-stevebardenmemorial11thannual-results-eventorder



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