8 Responses to Calendar

  1. Diann Bauer says:

    Hi, I am visiting Asheville the first week of June and would like to do drop-in workouts if you have them that week. I am a member of St. Louis Area Masters (SLAM) and my workout group is in my town, Carbondale, at the U. of S. Illinois, Shea Natatorium. I’m excited to visit your city! Diann Bauer (54) Coach is Clay Kolar.

  2. Diann Bauer says:

    Thanks! I had written down your locations from that calendar, see you then!

  3. Hey guys I loved the Steve Barden meet last year and I want to do it again!
    I hope you guys can schedule it around September 15 because there is a concert I want to attend September 12th and I would love it! I prefer Lake Biltmore over Lake Lure and I just want to see your teammate do that 1/2 mile Butterfly! I hope you guys are doing Greenville in August!
    Mel Creighton

  4. Carol Vorhaus says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I’m going to be visiting Black Mountain Aug. 15-23. Are there any workouts at Camp Rockmont at Lake Eden any more? I see that you’re at the CC of Asheville, but was wondering if you knew of any outdoor swimming a bit closer to Black Mountain. My home pool is the UNC Wellness Center in Chapel Hill.

    • LifeSwim says:

      Hi, Carol, hope you’ve found your way to some open water. Camp Rockmont is certainly worth checking into. Jim Hinton is waterfront director out there…
      You are welcome to join us a Country Club of Asheville, check our calendar for complete schedule.

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