Lake Lure Open Water

Aug 28th: Lake Lure Open Water 1 & 2-mile swim during the Hickory Nut Gorge Olympiad. Results posted soon, we hope:)

Great job, Asheville Masters!

2010-08-_AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 002

Lake Lure, water temp 80-82F, just prior to start on Sat, Aug 28th

2010-08-_AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 006
Jimmy Greene and Larry Hartley compare suits and general studliness

2010-08-AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 007

Jimmy, Larry, Debbie, Jenny, Kenet, Robin, Cameron and Melissa

2010-08-AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 009

Andrew, Jimmy, Larry, Debbie, Jenny, Kenet, Robin and Cameron

2010-08-AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 021

Kenet, Jenny, Larry and Jimmy (doing the Lucky Charms heel click) all did the 2-miler, and smiled to the finish!


2010-08-AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 020

Eric swam the 2-miler, his last prep before the Ironman…Melissa supported today, but wished she’d swum with us!


2010-08-AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 017

Chris did the triathlon, Cameron the 2-miler and Leslie supported:)


2010-08-AMS_LakeLure_1&2miler 016

Liam and Zachary provide safety paddlers!







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