8th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet attracts from all 50 states* to both pool & open water events!


From the Asheville School pool…


…to picturesque Biltmore Lake, seasoned and newbies, *in at least 50 states of fitness and mental capacity, line up together for the start or pre-race instructions…










75F air and water makes for a gorgeous race day.


The triangle shaped course is a 1/2- mile loop swum counter clockwise. Milers swam two loops.


Watched over by 13 volunteer Safety Boaters (Pam & Daniel Ross, Lou Hipps, Dale & Willie McCourt, David MacIntosh, Craik Davis, Larry Hartley, Heather Butler, Tania Kriegler, Liam & Zachary Pulsifer and Tom Sherry) the open water racers had their backs covered and their courses straightened!


60+ swimmers began the 1/2-mile and 1-mile races simultaneously!

To see pictures from Lisa Kiebzak please click here!

To see pictures from Nancy Casey and Andrew Pulsifer, please click here!

To see our past and present race results page, click here!

Thank you all for coming! If you have feedback about our meet, we’d love to hear it!

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