Schedule CHANGES!

SWIMMERS! We have been given the green light on swimming at Biltmore Lake on a weekend morning, as long as Andrew, Rebecca or Jim Green is present! Therefore, we will begin this week-to-week endeavor tomorrow, Sat, May 30, from 7am-8:30am.

If you are in good standing, come on out! If you want to drop in and you are already USMS registered please bring $10. If you are not registered with USMS, you’ll need to sign a 30-day waiver (I’ll have) and pay the drop in fee, that allows you to swim our workouts under our insurance umbrella.

As a general rule at Biltmore Lake, we may NOT linger after our swim, and we may not drop in to swim there at other times, unless you are a home owner in that association.

If you have an orange float buoy like this: ISHOF Safe Swimmer Buoy…well, you can wear while swimming, so, please bring it and make a habit of wearing it while there. If you don’t own one, consider purchasing by clicking here.  We will need to swim around the triangle that Andrew set, approximately 300meters around. For best SAFEY PRACTICES, always alert someone to your arrival, if you’re late, and always let someone know you are departing!

Lastly, next week we will begin swimming at the Jewish Community Center at 236 Charlotte Street on Mon/Wed/Fri.  They have lights, showers, and as of this am, water temps of 77F, which is perfect for summer outside swimming! For now, these will be uncoached.

Next week’s coached days will be with Andrew on Tue/Thu at AVL School. As always, check the calendar prior to the week. It’ll be updated fully soon, but next week is there.


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