Open water racers RACING! And, Sunday at Biltmore Lake

This weekend we have two tried and true teammates putting their race faces in the water at different events.

Jen Baker will SWIM AROUND KEY WEST 12.5 miles, sponsored by the Florida Keys Community College.  Jim Green swims down the Tennessee River 2.4 miles, during the RAT Race, sponsored by the C.O.W.S. of Chattanooga.


Let’s send both Jen and Jimmy some love and support while they calmly cruise through the elements🗾🐙

We mere swimming mortals will again assemble at Biltmore Lake on Sunday at 7am for a bit of open water fun.

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Open water racers RACING! And, Sunday at Biltmore Lake

  1. And Jim McNichols will swim the Flowers mile swim along seven mile beach on Saturday and the Flowers 5k Ocean race on Monday. Monday is a holiday here in Grand Cayman (Queen’s Birthday Holiday).

    Hope all is well. Good luck to my fellow open water swimmers. >

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