Hump Day, Big Day

Rebecca, Oh, Rebecca…why doth thou pound us so? Great workout today, give yourself a pat on the back if you got through most or all🐠πŸ’₯🐬πŸ’₯🌞

MIA’s…where be y’all?? We are so missing Robin O., Faith O., Cory D., Colin K., Kathleen M., Fran M., Maggs., Dale., Misty M., Jim G., !!! Come on back, it’s so much easier to train with a group πŸ‘₯πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬

Here’s the RECORD of this am’s wuppn’image.jpeg

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1 Response to Hump Day, Big Day

  1. bjornbrooks says:

    Indeed that was a challenge yet somehow fun. But if I could make a grammatical suggestion, the Scooby Doo “Ruh Rohhh” goes before the 3x main set it.

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