That DAM Swim updated & LINKED:)

Larry Hartley swims 11.5 miles for The Hope Chest! The Lake Fontana swim started at 6:21 a.m. on Saturday morning.  There was a full moon peering through the morning mist or fog.  Seven swimmers set out led by a couple kayakers with lights. that-dam-swim-2016-2that-dam-swim-2016-1

The water was dead calm, and warm, maybe 82 degrees.  We set off swimming at a little over 2 miles per hour clip, Jimbo Cottam and Chris Lechner leading the way.   We swam steady, but paused for drinks and/or food about once an hour.  Seven of us kept it up for the first 6.4 miles, which we covered in about 3 hours. that-dam-swim-2016-4that-dam-swim-2016-5

Three swimmers stopped after that and four continued.  At the 6 hour and 5 minute mark, at about 11.5 miles Larry headed to the pontoon boat.  About 15 minutes later Chris’ son, Luke joined Larry and others on the pontoon boat. By the afternoon a gentle but steady wind had picked up.  Fortunately the wind was at our back. that-dam-swim-2016-6

Jimbo and Chris were then joined by another swimmer who stayed with them into the afternoon.  She took a short break and then rejoined them for the end of the swim.  It was a gorgeous sunny day in the 80s. The support staff of kayakers and pontoon boats did a great job keeping the swimmers on course, and hydrated and fed. that-dam-swim-2016-8that-dam-swim-2016-7

Jimbo and Chris completed the approximately 21.5 mile swim right at about 10.5 hours.  All and all a really nice event, and we also raised a little money for Hope Chest For Women.  If anybody would like to add to the charity here is a link.:  

GREAT JOB, Larry et al!that-dam-swim-2016-9

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