PaRtY. Weekend. Swim Records.

Happy weekend swimmers!

Remember, Sunday, July 30, we’ll have  a masters party from 5 PM to 9 PM at Coach Andrew’s house. You’ll have to come to work out or email me at for address.  If you would like to bring something small to share, please do. And of course, your favorite beverage, essentially, we are providing the venue. Ha ha ha.

Biltmore Lake open water swim Saturday  morning.  Please sign in AND out and sign the Biltmore Lake waiver if you’ve not done so yet. That just needs to be signed once in the summer. But the sign in/out is every time we swim at the lake. Thank you.

We hope everyone enjoyed the extra outdoor morning at the JCC today. All Fridays for the rest of the summer and beyond Labor Day will be there.  We also have a two week period beginning Monday, July 31 when we’ll ll be at the JCC  every day except Saturday!

Here are Daniel and Alexandra’s workouts from this past Wednesday and this morning: IMG_5377IMG_5383

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