New Pool Christening Opportunity!

From our teammate Marty:

Hello  Everyone – 

Jimbo Cottam (TC Roberson head swim coach and fellow Masters swimmer) is hosting a practice meet at the new TC pool (10 lanes x 25 yards) on Tuesday January 22 at 5:00 pm Jim would like to test the new timing system before their first official meet.  The TC team and the AC Reynolds team will both be participating (boys and girls from both teams).  The meet will follow the high school meet format (200 Med Relay, 200 Fr, 200 IM, 50 Fr, 100 Fly, 100 Fr, 500 Fr, 200 Fr Relay, 100 Bk, 100 Br, 400 Fr Relay). 

Jimbo has invited the Masters team to swim exhibition if we are interested. The high school teams will most likely be swimming in 6 lanes of the 10 lanes.  The masters swimmers will most likely have 2 lanes in each heat.  There will be a separator lane and a warm down lane.  If the Master’s swimmers have four swimmers who would like to swim the same event, we may swim 2 with the girls heat and 2 with the boys heat.  Steve B, Andrew P. and I will be swimming.  Warm-ups will start around 4:15 and the meet will start around 5:00

This will be a fun opportunity to see the new pool, swim a race or two, and meet some of the local high school swimmers.  It’s important to remember this will be a “practice” meet to work our any kinks with the timing system, etc.  While nothing is expected, we could run into challenges, delays, etc.  We need to be flexible.  The new pool is just up the hill from the current Zeugner pool and across from the tennis courts/football field on the TC Roberson campus.  The address for the current Zeugner pool is 90 Springside Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

If anyone is interested in swimming, please email me(  And, if you have an idea about what events you would like to swim (not necessary, but will be helpful for planning purposes), please let me know.



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