Duo Loves St. Croix 5-miler !

Last Sunday, Lisa Kiebzak and Adrienne Kramer successfully completed / crushed the 24th Annual St. Croix Coral Reef Swim from national treasure Buck Island!

This 5-miler is the longest swim in the ocean for both and conditions look gorgeous. Here’s a blurb from the racers perspective:

“Air temp was mid 80s, water was around 80. There was chop the first 2 miles as we crossed the channel along with a brief rain shower and a rainbow 😄. Lisa saw a sea turtle, nurse shark and a school of starfish. Something unidentified and large grazed my arm 😂. I saw lots of fish and conchs. We both felt pretty good for at least 3.5 miles and then we were in and out of zen and suffering 😂. Overall it was a good day!”

Well done🐬

Zoom in to see this perfect fly form after 5-miles!

Final results show 3:09 for Adrienne’s Butterfly effort and 3:53 for Lisa’s morning swim🐙🦑

The awards ceremony attendees gave our flyer a Standing-O for her unique efforts!

Our friend and former teammate Gene Kennedy also raced and had a swift 2:18 finish.

Great swim people🐠🐡

Here’s a few recent workouts: