Friday Swim🐬🦞🦑🧜🏽‍♀️

Hi! A few thoughts on Buncombe County pool use: let’s try to double up in lanes together from the get-go instead of spacing out early. We want to be good cooperative patrons and not scare people away that don’t typically swim with crowds. Opposite start ends within the lane work great.

If you need to hustle out of the pool for work see you at 6am😀. If you have the luxury to come later, there’s plenty of space after 7AM. Stagger starts work well.

Find someone you haven’t trained with before and swim next to them for a work out, do what you can together🐬

Please print your own copy from now on🌞thanks!

Buncombe County Schools Aquatics Center can be found here: TC Roberson HS at 90 Springside Drive Asheville, has 10 lanes, 25 yards with 2 people per lane and is open MWF from 6am – 8am AND 11am – 1pm. Masks required and there IS locker room use available!

FEES for this pool are $5 per swim or $45 for a 15~punch pass card. If you’ve already submitted fees to our Asheville Masters Swimming group for either the six-month pass (for the back end of 2020) or paid a $60 fee for August then we have your fees covered during this time so please provide your name at desk and sign in with an emergency contact number at the Buncombe County Pool between 6-8am OR 11a-1pm on MWF.

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