Fee Information

While using the Buncombe County Schools Aquatic Center at TCRoberson High School~ if your club fees are paid and current with Asheville Masters then your fees at this pool are covered. Please provide name to gate attendant, while providing body temperature check for entry.

*If you did not receive an email recently from the Board regarding our club, fee structure and info, please contact me directly below.

This is what usually occurs during regular operations with coached workouts:

1.  Try us out a few times… Drop in fees are $10. If you’re bringing a guest, or have encouraged a guest to join us, please let them know to bring this at beginning of swim-cash or check (to Asheville Masters). Talk with the coaches about your goals and a timeline to achieve them.  Chat with other swimmers/triathletes. Give the group swim workout a try:)

This is standard fair for all our participants regardless of where we’re swimming or whether it’s a coached session or not:

2.  After a few swims with us we ask you to register with US Masters Swimming (USMS.org), selecting the NC Club and the Asheville Masters Swimming “workout group.”  Click HERE to join US Masters Swimming. It is an annual fee of $52 which is required for insurance + cool bi-monthly magazine. We do not receive any income from this, but this IS essential for insurance purposes.

3. Lastly, after joining USMS, select a fee option below and use PayPal to submit fees.

Fees may be paid using and clicking here: ” PayPal ” and putting in our address as the receiver: ashevillemastersswimming@gmail.com

Or, if necessary, checks made payable to “Asheville Masters,” or the solid Green Back will do. Please hand directly to Andrew, Jeff Owen or Adrienne Kramer.

  • Monthly $60  (1st through last day of actual month)
  • Six months $300
  • Annual $600

These are additional parameters that we’ll get back to when we have coached swims again:

  • Drop in fee $10 per swim -Local visitor or out of town guests.
  • Please present actual or electronic version of current USMS registration before swimming AND sign guest registry with emergency contact.
  • Non- USMS card holders must sign waiver before swimming AND sign guest registry with emergency contact #.

Questions beyond above?…please contact Andrew.

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