This week…

Or portions thereof…

We will swim at TC Roberson on Monday and Wednesday this week at the usual open swim times of 6-8am or 11am-1pm.

For tomorrow, Monday, September 6, please look up an old workout by simply clicking on this header-which should take you to our website, and then scrolling through literally hundreds of old workouts posted on this website.

We will set our sights on this Thursday to head back to the Asheville School for what is shaping up to be coached workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and an open swim time on Sundays at Asheville School.

If you’ve not paid dues for the six months or September please do so, I will need to provide a list of all paid memberships to the security guard at Asheville School prior to Thursday, and your name will need to be on that list to access the campus.

We will keep a Friday session at the TCR pool and I’ll send out a work out prior to that each week.

Please keep in mind, like we have already been doing for months, we will have vaccinated and unvaccinated swimmers in the mix. You will sign a Asheville School waiver which releases them from liability should you end up with a case of Covid.

Asheville Masters Swimming encourages everyone to get a vaccine, but Asheville School and Asheville Masters Swimming will not require that.

Have a great rest of your weekend, I look forward to coaching you on deck this Thursday at Asheville School 5:45 to 7:15 AM.

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