Return to Asheville School pool !!

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 is the day our Asheville Masters Swimming club returns to this facility, coinciding with our club’s 30th Anniversary year as an entity!

You’ll find THIS pool above in THIS building below.

Please park on the approach road to the facility and walk down the stairs to this side of the building you see here!

Masks will be required indoors to the locker room, from the locker room to the pool, and back.

Coming from the pool & going to the locker room hallway (or when you enter building from pictured side and turn right into long hallway) we are limited to the visitor’s locker rooms on the right side only. Please do not use any locker rooms on the left side of the hallway that we’ve used in the past. Only the two visiting locker rooms, each with three shower heads, which is an improvement over what we’ve had the past year🌞

We’ll each need to sign a waiver that will be available at the pool or you may print these two pictures out and bring signed.

We’ve been asked to be done promptly at 7:15am and out of the building no later than 7:30am and to avoid having any interaction with students.

We’ve submitted a list of those that have paid 2021 dues to United States Masters Swimming under our Asheville Master Swimming club name, and that list will be at the security gate house. I’ve added a couple people that have not yet paid that have been swimming with us regularly. A $10 drop in fee will suffice tomorrow for anyone not yet able to pay online. A check works, too.

I will encourage the security guard to add your name to the list if you are one of those folks.

For now we will swim Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:45-7:15am and Sunday 7-8:30am, With an opportunity to swim Fridays at TC Roberson pool at either session.

Please click on this header and go to facilities if you’re not familiar with where the pool is, Or if you need to make a monthly payment via PayPal to Asheville Masters and click on our fees link.

To reiterate, we will have the same situation that we’ve faced in the last several months, vaccinated and unvaccinated swimmers together. With 99+% of all deaths occurring from the unvaccinated, We would love to see everyone vaccinated to provide peace of mind for everyone.

I am now into my 13th year of coaching this group and I still thoroughly enjoy my time with you all, and appreciate your willingness to have me on deck. I look forward to it and I hope you do too! Andrew🐬🐙🐠🤛🏼🌞

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