2013 WOWSA Championships!

Beautiful Newport, Vermont and Lake Memphremagog played host to the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Association’s Championship on Saturday, July 6th!

Asheville Masters swimmers Michael Coyle (3 mile skins), Dale McCourt (3 miler wetsuit) and Andrew Pulsifer (10-milerskins) successfully swam their open water courses (pics), enjoying a spectacular sweeping view of Canada and the U.S.A while immersed in the clean waters of this gorgeous boundary lake.  See results for all races here!

Dale started the race at 9am and swam in the wetsuit category with spouse Willie McCourt as kayak captain and lovable drill sargent, She keeping a recently broken and cast foot dry…ask her!  Overcast skies, scattered sun and variable water temp made race conditions favorable. Dale finished the 3 miles in 1:46.44, his longest water race to date! Great job!  Three and six-mile race pics here!

Andrew’s race began at 8am with Liam (son) and Emily (wife) working it as fantastic kayak support. The 68F water temp at start gave way to what seemed like balmy 70F around mile four. Regular gatorade (20 min) and Gu (40 min) kept fuel flowing.

Miles 4-7 flew by as we crossed east around the back side of Black Island and headed south along Belle Island. Late morning chop and winds from the west through miles 6-8 provided ample opportunities to test calming techniques amidst self and fabulous and unflappable crew:).  I regularly stretched my calves, even though the motion to stretch them is extremely inefficient for forward swim progress, it was necessary to keep calves calm. Slight hamstring balking at mile 8.5, but stretching fended it off.

The final 1.5 miles to finish was relatively calm, as we had a little more protection from chop and wind. I got into a very good swim stroke groove, finishing strong, then, teetering on my feet ambling to the sand, but thankfully in control. Could have gone another 2-5 miles, but very glad not to:)  Thanks to my family for supporting my efforts in and out of water! Cheers, Andrew P.

This event series is orchestrated by Phil White and the Kingdom Swimming Association, thanks, Vermonters! Cheers, ABP

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