2013 Dixie Zone 2-mile Championships @ Lake Lure, NC

11 Asheville Masters raced 2-miles at Rumbling Bald, just ONE bold enough to swim BUTTERFLY!  Adrienne Kramer (8th in age-group) shows her indefatigable & beautiful stroke, cruising 2-miles, finishing ahead of 25 others doing Freestyle! Results link HERE!


Beautiful skies, great water temps (75F) and a well run event had all swimmers excited about their respective races.  120 folks from near and far gathered prior to event.Image

Getting last minute instructions…


Craik Davis looks happy…


Is Adrienne even winded?…


Congrats to the Age-Group winners Larry Hartley (50-54 yrs) and Bill Pillmore (65-60 yrs) !


with the overall win going to coach Andrew Pulsifer…


Below: Craik Davis (3rd age group/88th overall), Jeff Weller (7th / 40th), Debbie Wilson (4th / 49th), Andrew (1st / 1st),  Adrienne (8th / 95th), Kenet Adamson (10th / 67th), and Larry (1st / 6th) all enjoyed the sun, water and racing.  Not pictured are Ms. Lindsay Moody (5th/ 69th) , Jon Bellows (10th / 62nd), and Rev. Jimmy Green (4th / 74th).


Congratulations to all the swimmers! More pics from event HERE!

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