Circle swimming is fun!

Last Friday’s morning swim was AWESOME, with 20 studly folks cranking it out, and that brings to mind the awesomeness of circle swimming and the etiquette that is a rhythm all its own! Firstly, Be nice and Be spatially aware 🙂Image

Traditionally, it’s swum counter clock-wise…Always give the person in front of you at least a :05 sec, preferably :10 sec. gap before you push off behind them. Always finish at wall with touch, then move over to left, allowing space to your right for next finisher… ImageIf you are catching up to, and riding the toes of the swimmer in front of you, & if it’s longer than a 100 yards, it’s time to move around.  Just like passing in a car on a 2-lane road with dotted yellow line, swim slightly towards middle of lane, very close to person’s left side, & keep moving:) You will often approach wall at same time…simply flip together, and now, Ta-~Da, you are on the correct, “right” side of lane and leading. Swimmer just passed leaves wall (without stopping!) and moves behind faster swimmer. It’s a very cooperative motion!ImageAnother positive in circle swimming is, during repeats of more than 100~yards, you will likely benefit from the draft created, and the shared and/or lightened workload when swimming WITHIN 3 yards of a swimmer in front of you. Enjoy!~~~




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