Cory D races 70.3 in Wisconsin!

Congratulations to our own Cory Donohue, who traveled back to his home state of Wisonsin this past weekend, and placed 12th in his age-group, 79th overall, in the Racine Half-Ironman! His total time was 4:37:44 (splits of 33:31, 2:18:51, 1:40:58). Cory said it was “…a tough race, (I) struggled with residual training fatigue starting at mile 36 of the bike and throughout the run. Goal was 4hrs 10 mins. Good wake up call for Ironman World Championship (coming up) in September.” 

Pre-Race Zen, baby!Cory.preSwim.2014.RAcine

Here we go…Cory.SwimStart.2014.Racine

Great job, Cory, you stud!  

Hey, I know a way we can chop off a bit more on that swim time, man:)

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