Help for Saturday!

A few things to consider for helping Saturday run smoothly…TIMERS & KAYAK / SUPS’s…

Friday evening, 6pm,  Jeff Weller and Jeff Owen will meet at Asheville School pool to help tidy up. If you’d like to lend a hand, please do!

Saturday morning, warmup begins at 8am and races start at 9am. We will need timers (2 per lane, 5 lanes during individual races), so if you have kids, partners, friends and they’d like to be just inches from the action, please bring them and sign ’em up! No glass on pool deck, and as per USMS policy, no diving during warmups except in designated one-way sprint lanes, please🗾

Biltmore Lake practice, warmup at 2:15pm, with buoy set up happening then, practice challenges closer to 3pm. We would love to have kayak and SUP’S (stand up paddle boards) on the course! This provides a level of safety that is comforting! If you have a kayak or SUP, please bring it and we’ll likely have someone to paddle it. PFD’s for all vessels required.

All training equipment is welcome at lake! If you have a orange float bag that attaches to your waist, bring it!

Anyone who’s ordered BBQ, we’ll have that by 3pm. Anyone else bringing food, coolers should be fine on grass and beach.

Lastly, whether you’ve entered one event, five or none, please come on out and hang with your swimming buddies on this annual event! We’ve got 50 swimmers entered, and your help will make this run better.



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