Bermuda Tri-Angle!

An exciting morning of racing ahead for Lisa Kiebzak, Adrienne Kramer and Craik Davis! They’ve all flown the coop and are in Bermuda for tomorrow’s 24th annual Round the Sound event, with Lisa’s first open water 1000 meter race ever, Adrienne swimming her signature BeautyFly for 2K, and Craik, having diligently trained all summer, will go the 10K. Wish them well Sunday morning!  image

Pre-race acclimation…

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One Response to Bermuda Tri-Angle!

  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    The Bermuda “round de sound” is a must do bucket list swim!
    I swam the 10K several years in a row and won the over 40+ division twice.
    Good luck to all, especially Craik as he will be dilerious at the finish.
    Sending best wishes from Cayman. We have a 5k Ocean swim coming up in mid-november and I have 2 spare bedrooms. “jus sayin’!!

    Jimmy Mac (aka J&T)

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