THIS Saturday! 10th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet~~Asheville Masters Swimming

Last Chance to Enter for THIS Saturday’s 10th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet!  Sept 12th, 2015

9am Sat pool swim meet at The Asheville School


1p Biltmore Lake open water fun stuff with BBQ to follow!


BBQ from Luella’s may be ordered online during entry process. If you do not order BBQ, simply bring your own meal! We have until about 3p at lake.


If you are unable to enter, please consider coming out anyway, to both venues, to lend a hand. This is our only fundraising type activity all year.

We’ll need timers, open water finish judges for fun swims, encouragers, T-shirt sellers, Beer relay pourers, SUP or kayakers at lake, a table, a microphone and speaker…


If you’d like to make a donation, please see any board member or me! (Jeff Owen, Jeff Weller, Renee McNerhany, Jim Green, Craik Davis)


Asheville Masters Swimming | Masters swimming in the Mountains of Asheville, NC.

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