That DAM Swim!

Larry Hartley…

GE DIGITAL CAMERA joins local swimming folks this Saturday to swim 10K in Lake Fontana for The Hope Chest, a local charity supporting people and families affected by breast & gynecological cancers.

To fund Larry, please click HERE!

That DAM Swim was started several years ago by Chris Lechner and Jim Cottam, and has grown to include other local open water swimmers Frank Kriegler, Dave Easterling, Todd Newnam.


Frank, Chris and Jim swam over 24 miles last year in a single effort! This year, some will swim the length of Fontana, others will swim 10K, but all strive to raise funds for these worthy efforts!

To fund Larry, please click HERE! It’s this Saturday!!!

To see other videos on facebook, click here!




One thought on “That DAM Swim!

  1. Thanks Andrew!

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