Old video with good drills…

**these links really only work on a laptop… they are that old!  They don’t even open adequately on a phone.

Here’s a link to my older LifeSwimAquatics website that I still maintain but don’t use much, and it has a few videos I did back in 2011, and these Freestyle and Backstroke drills are still very relevant!

If you’re looking for open water tips, here’s a VERY BORING but HELPFUL LIST of wisdom honed from 30 years of open water events made more enjoyable by sticking to simple training plans and knowing how to read the course…

29th trans tahoe relay invitational 2005 cropped ABPabove: Andrew in Lake Tahoe, 2005, 61F, mid July and simply DIVINE. Solid glide happening, and I could stand to tuck my chin a smidge…

2010.SB.Lake.roundingbuoy2left: Making the turn at an early Steve Barden Open Water event at Biltmore Lake. Great example of ‘Alligator Eyes” for sightings…

below: Jim Green tears it up in perhaps Chattanooga! Do the facts really matter for this? He’s got great head-down posture, high elbow recovery, relaxed hand…the man is unstoppable. I can tell it’s Jim because of his age marked on his arm.2012_JimGreen_5K_Indy


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