Marty @ USMS Nationals + Workouts…

Our teammate Marty Moran prepared well and raced even better at the USMS Short Course Nationals in Indianapolis recently! Ever the competitor and always wanting to swim faster, Marty was top 10 in all five events and place 2,3,4,5, and 9.ย  Click here to see his times and splits and find your way around that same page on the left to see any of his (or others) 170 individual swims recorded at master’s competitions! Well done, Marty!moran

Here are the last five coached workouts from the group!BA706E4B-1CBC-430B-9EE4-BBB0E88A409DBE9E0A9D-A9B9-4FCC-858B-CD5D6FA75893251F756E-22FC-48D9-AC49-8D5AFA3793E3C0A6BAAF-4FF8-436F-B1AC-0AABDF18501A35309B71-4A3F-4B62-B962-3F56FB5CC0FE

One thought on “Marty @ USMS Nationals + Workouts…

  1. Wow! I’m glad I did not swim at nationals, as Marty would have made me look like I just started learn-to-swim! Way to go champ!

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