Lake Swims Begin!

Hello Memorial Day weekend and hello Enka/Biltmore Lake once again! We begin our Saturday morning open water deliciousness tomorrow, 7am to 8:30am.

Sunday at JCC, like normal:)

Our calendar link and our facilities link has times and maps/directions. Did you know there’s a + symbol at bottom of our calendar page allowing you to link our calendar with yours?

Biltmore Lake is a Home Owners Association community, and we are guests there. A few things to keep in mind when at the Enka/Biltmore Lake…

Always park on the main street, never in the tennis court parking lot or you may very well be towed.

Always sign in and out with a time stamp for both, and provide an emergency contact phone number every time you swim. The first time you swim this summer you will also sign the Biltmore Lake HOA waiver.

Always look out for each other, be aware of the direction we’re swimming and be aware of your environment at all times. Meaning, don’t hit your head on the dock or let someone else struggle…


If you’re bringing a friend to try out open water, please encourage them talk with me before getting in the lake, and thanks for telling them about the $10 drop in fee.

If you’d like a tip or two about breathing, sighting, or calming yourself in the unknown waters please talk with me (or other experienced OW racers) and I’ll be glad to show you some tips that have worked well for over three decades!

We wish Daniel D. well as he coaches at a few college swim camps for the next five weeks, we wish Lisa K. & Adrienne K.  a great LowCountry Splash tomorrow in Charleston.

Here are this past week’s coached workouts:A5DE510F-117C-4457-B237-5A6A062CB446A3E250A4-CC68-458F-B852-412C4F081543A65DE163-FF5D-4154-A9E8-B3691B1307AA


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