Open Air!

Finally the roof was opened at the beginning of a swim on a Sunday morning, what a beautiful venue the JCC is…



We had 10 summers out at Biltmore Lake on Saturday for a spectacular morning  We’ve also been fortunate to have many swimmers in the pool, recently we had as many as 24 on FridayC8A84A16-CF94-4582-9E20-70FD61A3224F7D1DC0C4-AA46-4FDE-9346-EB27C8E35C7FAD4FE25F-0C22-46C5-925B-BF1BE21FDFD2.Here’s a preview shot from Lake Joccassee from this morning… If you haven’t signed up for the September 15 open water event, this is a fantastically beautiful lake: 4E3DE87B-0097-415F-A6FC-F4256DA5E0A7.jpeg

And although I failed to take a picture of Sunday’s work out this am, here are Wednesday and Friday’s swims from this past week, and word was Marty’s Wednesday workout kicked some peoples butts! That’s what we like to hear. CA698286-8279-4C8F-B725-9A24B11B0B35813A5BB7-7769-412A-95C3-23E7EECFF914

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