Open Water Awesomeness, “That Dam Swim 2018” and Workout Records

Last Saturday we had our highest number at a Biltmore Lake open water workout ~ 20 swimmers enjoying the beautiful morning, perfect lake (79F) and air (67F and climbing) conditions!

Saturday, Sept 8th is the 4th annual “That Dam Swim 2018” over on Lake Fontana. Jimbo Cottam and Chris Lechner devised this 20+ mile open water odyssey to raise money for Hope Chest which provides support for women with cancer. Several folks from Asheville Masters have swum in previous years, and some more will participate this weekend. Go to their website if you’d like to donate or support/participate.

Below this info you’ll find recently coached workouts. Sometimes it’s fun to revisit them, use them for later or send them to a friend. Print one and do it on the road or on vacation. You are welcome to send any workout you see to anyone you’d like! Just let them know it came from your Asheville Masters group:)

3 thoughts on “Open Water Awesomeness, “That Dam Swim 2018” and Workout Records

  1. Hey Asheville Masters!
    I’m going to be in the area for several days starting Sunday 9/9, and would love to swim with y’all while I’m here. I’ve done so before – when I came through several years ago on a similar cross-country road trip from AZ to Maryland. Just not sure who to contact specifically to make sure it’s ok… Thanks!
    Kathy Gallagher
    Flagstaff, AZ

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