USMS Nationals, 2 Open Water Events and Our Swims…

Big shout out to Marty M. Who is in Mesa, Arizona at the USMS Spring nationals!

Check out how Marty’s doing here, (click on Swimmers, then find Moran!) and if you know someone that may be there, type in their name and find out how they’re doing, too!

Getting very close to swimming outside at Biltmore Lake soon:) We’ve been given the okay and I’ll likely set the buoys next week, so, we’ll let you know when we can start. It may be very soon!

Several open water events coming up. Here’s the southeast’s fairly comprehensive but incomplete list of pool and open water events, and two others of note…

June 1st in Charleston, SC , The Lowcountry Splash (2.4 and 6 mile options)

June 8th at Lake Lure~a new one called “The Lure of the Lake (1.5 and 3 mile options)

Our very own Holli D. has offered to have a gathering after this June 8th event at her Lake Lure home, so, keep that in mind! More tba…

Until then, here’s what we did last week…

2 thoughts on “USMS Nationals, 2 Open Water Events and Our Swims…

  1. Hi there I swim in Saint Petersburg Florida, am a member of USMS and am spending a lot of time in the Asheville area. Is there a web site and Facebook page with information about places to swim and fees?

    Thank you Ann von Spiegelfeld

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    1. Hi, Ann, is our website.
      Our general info for our Asheville Masters Swimming, Inc group:
      Our coached workouts *MWF are from 5:45a-7:15a.
      Uncoached on Sunday 715-845a.

      Our workouts are posted here regularly:
      And, calendar here:

      We’ve got $10 per person drop-in fee and collect an emergency contact #.
      Monthly ($60) and 6-month ($300) fees are available, too.

      *Gate code to Asheville School is 08812
      Pool attached to gym, down sloping hill on left, after driving over
      approx. 4 speed humps. Head towards the smell of chlorine.

      Someone writes a workout on Sunday at the Jewish Community Center 7-845a.
      That door’s code is 05999

      Lake swims May-Oct on a weekend day 7-845am will hopefully resume soon at Biltmore Lake.
      All addresses to all three locations on our “facilities” link.

      All the best,

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