Important weekend info!

Saturday- No Biltmore Lake swim.

With torrential rain in Asheville happening now and expected tomorrow, Biltmore Lake open water swim on Saturday is cancelled. Why? Runoff from surrounding cow pastures up the creek that feeds BL makes water quality less than ideal😀.


Lure of the Lake swim – check their website or your email for info about race updates or cancellations … no news yet.


Sunday venue change- Swimming at Asheville School pool 7:15 to 8:45 AM.

We will plan on swimming at the JCC the first Sunday of each month, and the remaining Sundays of each month at Asheville School.

This is due to an exorbitant rise in price at the JCC.


If the Saturday swim at Lake Lure goes on as planned, all the best to all the participants! If you do swim and you can take some pictures before or after, go ahead and text one or two to me and I’ll try to get that up on our website. Thanks, I miss you all, have a great weekend. Andrew

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