’Lure of the Lake’ Open Water WOW!

Last Saturday (June 8th) Asheville Masters Swimming was very well represented at this inaugural event on Lake Lure! The 1.5 and 3-mile options had Asheville affiliates winning the longer swim overall, winning and placing very well in the age groups overalls, father and daughter and father and son swimming ‘together,’ thermals creating what our Mr. Brooks calls a 15° swing in temperature (unconfirmed!) and, of course, fun fun fun!! The scenery looked spectacular and a break in the rain allowed this all to happen. This is a beautiful venue!

The start!

L to R: Willie M., Frank K., Holli D., Amy C., Jill H ., Kathleen M., Kathy R., BJ B., Jocelyn R., Marty M.!!

Men’s 3-mile winner Marty M. and Overall 3-mile winner Abby K.!?

Congratulations to all you studs!

Here are a few workouts from the past two weeks and thanks to Sarah B. and Marty M. and Jeff W. and Adrienne K. for coaching and writing workouts.:

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