Quietly & Hopefully Awaiting Good News + Open Water Update

While we are all missing our pools and our morning swims together we sincerely hope that Buncombe County will allow pools to open as early as May 22 – separate from gyms – which will not likely open until June.

Final say for access during ‘Phase 2’ to our home pool rests with The Asheville School’s administration. We will let you know as soon as we know anything either way, but not likely before that May 22 date.

Open water news: two weeks ago we had much warmer weather and that brought out a handful of swimmers to Lake Summit’s first open water opportunity.

Tom Fielder gets his game face on for 60F water temp. Although he wore a hooded vest, that quickly became unnecessary in that temperature.
Steve Bradshaw, Amy and Spence Cocanour show appropriate social distancing!
Steve Bradshaw transitioned to the kayak skirt while Jakub Jiracek readies himself for cold.

Distances swum by these bold folks varied between 1000 and 2000 meters and all seemed glad to have taken the opportunity.

The Cocanours biked before hand, Jakub biked to and from Asheville 67 miles(!), and Steve kayaked after his swim and then swam the next day with another group!

With warmer weather on the horizon this week, Thursday afternoon will be next opportunity to come swim. I will be there from 2 PM to 6 PM and you may text me to schedule and to get address. Social distancing is in place, facilities available only for emergency. Privacy for changing available in boathouse. Water temp is likely still in low 60s.

Glad to be done!

I’ll let you know on Friday what the weekend options look like based on predictions of thunderstorms🐬

I do have several orange flotation safety buoys to lend if you do not have one. Swimming with a partner or having a buddy accompany you in boat or paddleboard is recommended!

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