Open Water Anyone?

Although it’s early, this Saturday, May 2nd I will be down at Lake Summit from 9am-5pm at a private residence, and you are welcome to come swim in the 60°F water.

I strongly recommend a wetsuit and an orange visibility buoy…

I have 3 buoys to lend. Also, a partner to either swim with you OR paddle alongside you will be the safest option

Because there is limited parking we can accommodate four vehicles at a time. Since it’s unlikely you’ll want to carpool during this social distancing time, please contact me directly to choose a start time.

You must contact me for address and time slot. No exceptions. 828.768.two4one7.

I will begin filling in slots as I hear from you, so maybe have two spots in mind. Start times are: 9a, 11a, 1p, 3p

There are a couple paddle boards and kayaks & PFDs there that I am comfortable lending as long as you know what you’re doing and are accompanying a swimmer.

If you’d like to run or bike before or after your slot you’re welcome to do so, but you’re encouraged to park elsewhere for that and I can direct you to that. There is a level gravel road surrounding the lake and it’s awesome for both.

There are no beautiful jellyfish in this lake whatsoever!!

I hope to make this a regularly occurring event, so please make sure you have your USMS registration current.

Hope to hear from you and you’re welcome to bring food and drink for after, but for now it will not be a place to linger once the others get there for the next time slot. Hopefully that will change soon! See you soon! Coach Andrew

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