*Heads Up Notice* and Recent Swims

Hey Swimmers! Our friend and training mate Alessia F. has been working daily with a co-worker who just tested positive for Covid. Alessia feels fine and will be getting a test today. She will not be back in the water with us until that shows negative. We wish her co-worker all the best, and we thank Alessia for sharing this with us.

On a lighter note, the open water swims at Lake Summit will hopefully resume in mid-August. The house where we have access to the lake remains occupied for a six week stretch.

Here are the past five workouts that we’ve written and enjoyed swimming and coaching with y’all!

Thank you Coach Ian for your contributions! I would NOT have gone 5x100s off the blocks on my own without Ian’s push!

Y’all have a great week! Coach Andrew.

What The What?!

2 thoughts on “*Heads Up Notice* and Recent Swims

  1. Hello- Thank you for the update- my test finally came back as negative- but than I went to Florida for three days to see my eye surgeon. Under self quarantine for 14 days given the high status count in Pinellas county.

    Just want to take an abundance of caution for you and my new swim friends.


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