~ Summer Swims ~ Full Lanes ~ Fees ~

CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SWIM SPOT! *If looking for a spot, check back on evenings prior to swims. *If cancelling, please delete name by 6pm night prior to a swim. Thank you!

Two 60-minute sessions of swimming with 10-12 people strategically sharing space remains popular as we adapt to different versions of training together!

Thanks for continuing to sign up for available swim spots, being thoughtful of spacing in the water and while coming/going.

Swim club fees are now due: PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE FEE/PAYMENT INFO AND LINKS. If you paid $300 in the first half of 2020, you have a choice of either a $100 tax deductible donation receipt letter (this for the 2+ months we didn’t have access to a pool), OR, a credit of $100 for the second half of the year~ enabling you to pay just $200 for the July-December six-month period! How nice!

Short SPRINT set felt good to dive and go fast

Each day in the water we are building endurance, sprinting some, kicking plenty, changing speeds, hopefully also executing good technique off-each-wall~ and during each length! These basics~ if done cleanly and entirely AWARE of the efficient form or effort required, done with grace and a completion of each motion so that the whole body/brain connection feels well used, exerted, occasionally spent… but definitely calmer, less stressed and feeling good or great when done. Well, we hope you have some of these benefits each time you swim with us, if only for a moment!

Short rest 50’s at UPTEMPO pace w pull b/w

Remember, my goal for you each day is that when you’re done I hope you’re glad you swam with us ~and you look forward to coming back!

We have a wonderful community of folks all with skills, talents and professional lives that are so capable. Reach out to any of us if you’re looking for a reference or a point in a direction for any service in Asheville!

75’s at Max VO2 w short rest

You’re in charge of your training within the workout that we write for the group. If you have different goals that we can incorporate into the set, we will -and please do! 🙂

Quality speed 25 yards at a time

We are always available to discuss your upcoming event!

50’s FAST off blocks. That’s nice

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