Friday’s Swim + Next Week Same Pool + Video Op

Here is your Friday morning workout! Those swimming the open water race on Saturday at Lake Jocassee have the option of swimming just the first 1500 to 2000 yards for warm up.

Please check your email from the race director Friday night and Saturday morning for any announcements about race delays or cancellations.

It looks like rain should be through the Salem, SC area by mid-day Friday, so we might be in the clear. Temps forecast to be in the upper 50s on Saturday morning there. Water is currently 77F.

We will remain at the BCSAC pool at TC Roberson HS through next week at least. Discussions are ongoing, we continue to hope for a return to Asheville School soon.

Lastly, tomorrow between 6 and 7 AM, I will hopefully find an end lane and if you’d like to have yourself videotaped for 3 to 4 lengths with a little bit of narration included, I can send that directly to your phone so you can have a little video of your strokes. 5 to 6 minutes max per person.

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