Your Monday Swim Workout + Lake Pics!

Here’s your Monday swim, still at the BCSAC pool at TCRoberson between 6-8am.

Congratulations to all the swimmers enduring and enjoying the 6th annual Upstate Splash at Lake Jocassee in South Carolina!

Overcast and breezy to begin, then post race calm but always gorgeous.
Kathleen M., Craik D., Jocelyn R., Marty M. pre-swim.
Andrew P., Adrienne K. And Kelly D.

Windy and choppy was how the event began making most swimmers challenged with breathing and keeping a consistent stroke- giving even seasoned open-water swimmers pause to question how fun this really is. It got better🐬

Marty M. And Andrew P. Waiting and warming up for start.

But, making the turn at the red buoy (at 1000 and 3000 meters) meant a tailwind and prevailing currents for the 2nd and 4th legs that helped calm things for many folks!

Adrienne masterfully managed butterfly for 2.4miles/4,000meters. Unfazed by the chop, too!
Craik D. Visited from Chattanooga to swim 2.4miles while bringing good tidings and cheer and earning his beer!

Congratulations! Results are HERE, they are separated BY WAVE, there is no official tabulation for all waves combined. They always bill this wonderful event as an event not a race. Water temp 78-80F. Delightful.

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