1st Monday of 2021

If you’ve not renewed your US Masters Swimming annual registration, please take the time to do that today. Your renewal club will be ‘North Carolina Masters’ and your workout group will be the ‘Asheville Master Swimming’ group with the ‘AVL’ abbreviation.

No changes for now to our nomadic swimming style that we’ve been adapting to these last several months. I’ll continue to write workouts for Monday Wednesday Fridays, you’ll have the option of 12 hours of open swim time to get your workouts in. Which by the way is significantly more time than we have ever had per week.

After renewing for your 2021 USMS membership, check out the postal and virtual challenges, and note that spring nationals is tentatively set for the last weekend in April in Greensboro, North Carolina, so we have a few things on the workout / competition calendar if you’d like.

Speaking of which, here’s a good work out for tomorrow anytime between 6 AM – 8 AM, and 11 AM – 1 PM at the the BCSAC at TC Roberson HS. Enjoy.

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