Outdoor Swimming Rocks!

Tuesday marked our first time together, coached, in almost 10 months! I so enjoyed the familiar routines and shared lanes again, and heard from y’all about how much you did, too! City of Asheville Rec Park pool map here.

Water temperature was 76F and delightful. It’s so nice to swim and coach outside!

Plenty of room in this 50-meter pool! Above, Jay Mahler and Jeff Weller finding the long-course groove.

Please choose a different lane then your Tuesday choice, so we can ALL experience the wall/ladder navigation during backstroke.

…and while monitoring the width of your breaststroke kick.

…AND while on back in all lanes, taking all precautions approaching the wall to know where the wall is by utilizing the visual queue of lifeguard stands and the changing of laneline colors going from alternating to solid the last 5 meters🌞🐠🐬 -working on getting some flags.

Your physical health and safety are paramount while you train. Protect your head and face🤪

We’ll throw in an Open Water buoy on Thursday in the open space to get more comfortable being around other swimmers in close proximity!

Same goes for circle swimming in these nice 50 m lanes, always staying to the right of the black line on the bottom, passing directly up the middle -safely, always being aware of your lane mates whether you’re passing or being passed, as it’s good etiquette and training culture. And when done well it’s an art form and a thing of physical, spatial beauty. I’m not kidding🐬☀️

I’ll start to throw out more tips as I see things in the workout that can help you have a better experience.

One of them is being comfortable taking the rest written into the set so each repeat can be swum with the renewed energy a short rest provides🌞🐠🐒

We plan on being here Tuesdays and Thursdays through July, and hope of beyond if we can work that out.

Gate opens at 6am, practice officially starts at 6:15am -although we likely can get in earlier on most days.

See you tomorrow!

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