Biggie…for US!

Nine of us gathered on Sunday morning, January 2nd to tackle a newly adjusted version of our annual tradition of swimming the former 3-day college championships schedule around the New Year, which totals 6,000 yards!

Jim Green, Tom Fiedler, Kathleen Moore and Jay Mahler cranked out the most yardage they’ve swum in quite a while! All the dudes are 74+ and Kathleen is definitely not 🐬🤪 & they always push themselves and are learning to stay hydrated !
Jocelyn Robinson, Adrienne Kramer and Becky Barth pausing briefly before pushing on to their biggest pool total recently!
Jakub Jiracek and Andrew Pulsifer always grateful to get another strong swim in!

We had a lovely breakfast at Home Ground- thanks for coming! We look forward to an outside social somewhere the next time we have a spot of warm weather! See you this week at the regular times and may YOU MAKE this New Year your best ever, yet!

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