2013 Open Water Swimming clinics at Biltmore Lake!

You are in LUCK!

Just as the triathlon season arrives, there will be 2 Open Water Swimming clinics at Biltmore Lake, Hosted by Asheville Masters Swimming and coach Andrew Pulsifer.

#1. Sunday, May 19th, and
#2. Saturday, June 8th
Just 20 spots per session.
Learn to swim comfortably around buoys & people, deal with the sun, draft or be drafted upon, learn how to sight, get used to your wetsuit, learn how to dolphin dive, and most importantly…learn how to relax!
This clinic is priceless!

Just $15 for Asheville Masters Swimmers,

$20 for Asheville Triathlon Club members and Biltmore Lake Home Owners,

$25 for non-members
Likely Schedule:
8:00 am    Registration + waiver signing
(check preferable, made payable to Asheville Masters Swimming or AMS)
8:30 am    Safety talk and introduction to course
8:40 am    Easy warm-up around course
8:55am     Beach discussions, then,
9:05 am    Swimming drills , drafting, sighting, turning
10:10 am   Mock racing  (100m, 200m, 400m, your choice)
10:25 am   Wrap up

To register, please contact:
Andrew Pulsifer

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