Farewell to Claire Maust on Wed @ practice and breakfast

Please join us in the pool on Wed, 545am, for Claire’s final am coaching gig, then, immediately following (if you are not pressed with worky-type stuff), breakfast at City Bakery, 88 Charlotte St., 828.254.4289

Why is this Claire’s (now McDaniel) final coaching session? Well, Johnny, like every newlywed couple, Claire & Thomas McDaniel are moving to storybook~land Switzerland (!) to study banking laws and political neutrality in action! Or, market fancy bikes @ BMC while learning nutrition standards in German, Italian and French. Or, just hostel around under the guise of new job…


Claire, we thank you for the enthusiasm and knowledge you  brought to each coaching session, and for your sunny outlook with all the swimmers! All the best in Europe, and hang in there with the steady stream of visitors in the coming years:)


2 thoughts on “Farewell to Claire Maust on Wed @ practice and breakfast

  1. I will miss tomorrow’s practice, but thanks for your enthusiasm, swim knowledge, fun and swim drills. You were a great addition to our coaching staff and I’m sorry to see you go. But what a great opportunity to live in Switzerland and travel all over Europe!! Bon yoyage

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