So Long, Farewell to WWC Pool

We have swum our final workout at Warren Wilson College’s pool😧. pool_wwc

Beginning immediately, we will offer all morning swims at The Asheville School. Tuesday and Thursday will now be uncoached from 5-630am until the local high school season concludes in mid-February.

Andrew will begin coaching on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:45-7:15am, and Rebecca will continue on Friday’s, also at 5:45am.

Weekends are TBD. We are considering moving from Sat. to Sun. @ 7am, because currently our only time on Sat. available to us is to be done BY 7am. Please give feedback about that to anyone who’ll listen.😀

Happy Laps, Y’all!🗾🐙😁

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4 Responses to So Long, Farewell to WWC Pool

  1. Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky says:

    Regarding Sunday 7AM practices. … I say YES!
    First of all, Sunday is (usually) not a workday for me,
    and,7 AM is the only reasonable start time for me in the winter, period.
    NOT that you have seen me much lately, but for whatever it’s worth… I say yes to Sun AM.
    Besides, it seems ‘spiritual’ way to start the day! Perfect!
    Ruth Rutkowsky
    Burnsville, NC

    Sent from my iPad


  2. solsister says:

    So sad about WWC closing already. My weekend vite is for Sunday practice, but if it ends up being Saturday then I will do my best to attend at least part of practice :/. Some swimming is better than no swimming!!!

  3. solsister says:

    I agree with Ruth – 7 am Sunday is preferable to 5 am Saturday, thanks for asking for input!!

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