So Long, Farewell to WWC Pool

We have swum our final workout at Warren Wilson College’s pool😧. pool_wwc

Beginning immediately, we will offer all morning swims at The Asheville School. Tuesday and Thursday will now be uncoached from 5-630am until the local high school season concludes in mid-February.

Andrew will begin coaching on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:45-7:15am, and Rebecca will continue on Friday’s, also at 5:45am.

Weekends are TBD. We are considering moving from Sat. to Sun. @ 7am, because currently our only time on Sat. available to us is to be done BY 7am. Please give feedback about that to anyone who’ll listen.😀

Happy Laps, Y’all!🗾🐙😁

4 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell to WWC Pool

  1. Regarding Sunday 7AM practices. … I say YES!
    First of all, Sunday is (usually) not a workday for me,
    and,7 AM is the only reasonable start time for me in the winter, period.
    NOT that you have seen me much lately, but for whatever it’s worth… I say yes to Sun AM.
    Besides, it seems ‘spiritual’ way to start the day! Perfect!
    Ruth Rutkowsky
    Burnsville, NC

    Sent from my iPad


  2. So sad about WWC closing already. My weekend vite is for Sunday practice, but if it ends up being Saturday then I will do my best to attend at least part of practice :/. Some swimming is better than no swimming!!!

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