Just 2 more RecPark Tuesdays!

Want a great workout in Asheville’s only long course (50m) pool? Then come on out for the final two mornings at the City of Asheville’s RecPark Pool, tomorrow and next Tuesday, 5:45am! There are usually 2 lanes set up for 50 meters, and the other 6 lanes are used for open water practice with real, orange open water buoys!

Did we mention that the City of Asheville, for the first time in at least 3 years, has replaced the parking lot lights and we have plenty of light to start the workout! It’s amazing! You can SEE the walls and everything!

Also, just under two weeks before the Lake Lure open water events (1 and 2-mile races). Click on this post and be taken to our home page, and scroll down:) We’d love to have as many of y’all there as possible. If you’re training for a longer swim, an ironman of any distance, or want to see how well you recover after the Lake Logan events this weekend, come on out and join in the fun!  Cheers~~~~~~

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