Triathletes Puttin’ it on the Line!

Our Triathlete Brethren HAVE had, ARE having and WILL have BIG race weekends this month!

Kudos to Misty Miller, who recently shaved 45 minutes from her PR at the IRONMAN Chattanooga on Sept 28th! Search her name and see how she did…:) Great job, Misty!

Today, as I type, teammate Willie McCourt is crankin’ on Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i at THE Original IRONMAN. Search her name and follow her throughout her day! Take a moment and send her some love, strength and great race mojo!

Also today, at the Bethel, NC Half Marathon, studette Lou Hipps won the masters division in her 13.1 mile running race…Great job, Lou!

Tomorrow (Sun, Oct 11th), Cory Donohue is racing at the Ironman Louisville. We wish him a safe race, and for goodness sake, man, put your head down on that swim:)

Next weekend (October 17th), in Wilmington, Hope Concannon is racing in her first Full Iron-Distance Tri, and Greg Pollack is racing in his first Half Iron-Distance Tri at the Beach 2 Battleship event. We are glad we could be a part of your training!

Each of you is an inspiration and we wish you all the best in your respective races! If any of y’all have pics you’d like to share or post, please pass them along!

Cheers, Coach A

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