Friday’s Animal Farm Madness

Bears and Foxes screeching! Dogs and Cats living together! Human sacrifices!  What a morning…our wishes for speedy recovery to Kevin R. after a slight muscle strain.

Your visual record of the physical output:image.jpeg

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3 Responses to Friday’s Animal Farm Madness

  1. BJ says:

    I suspected there was something abnormal inspiring that workout, because those 50’s from a dive were killer. And then the pick-your-poison (A/B) at the end… Painful but I liked it.

  2. Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky says:

    Youguys are the best! I love these posts and seeing the workouts. This is a very special team, for sure! I really miss you all! … So does my fitness level! Ruth F Rutkowsky.

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    • LifeSwim says:

      Ruth! We miss you dearly!! My favorite mug is the iSwim mug you lovingly created🌞
      Won’t you please come swim with is again?!

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