USMS Nationals recap…

Many great swims occurred in Greensboro this past weekend from many of your club mates. Some of these life long swimmers train with us regularly, others come and go with the seasons and a still more we know are just swimming wherever they are and we’ll always reconnect with them the instant we meet.

GAC during 2016USMS.Nats

The USMS Spring Nationals is a sight to behold, with inspiration, perseverance, palpable air of gratefulness for life and a spread of folks in various states of health and wellness, all doing what is so natural for them… reconnecting with friends and water.

Plenty of pictures and video from meet on the fan page of US Masters Swimming on Facebook.

You do not stop swimming because you get old. You get old because you stop swimming.

Check out individual results by clicking on name:

Adrienne K.       Jill H.         Greg D.      Jeff O.         Jim G.

Nancy S.    Bill P.         Debbie W.         Ann S.       Andrew P.




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